Tuesday, January 16, 2018


You see lots of people around you who 
seem to have no
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motivation to move forward or do anything. It pains you because some of them are so smart and talented. No matter what talks you may have with them, they continue to stay where they are in their "comfort zone." There is a solution for this though and it has to do with you not them. As you continue to observe those unmotivated, why not take mental notes and do the opposite? Let these people who are unmotivated to motivate you?

For instance, when you see someone being unmotivated in deciding to get fit and healthy, you take baby steps by exercising (walking 30 minutes to start) and slowly incorporate healthy foods into your diet.

Another instance is when others tell you that it is impossible to start a business, they have tried and failed; tell yourself that it can be done and build ideas, then implement them one at a time.

When saving money is a chore for the unmotivated, start small yourself and you would be amazed at how your nest egg will grow. 

The unmotivated do not have to be a downer for anyone, but an upper. They can help you to see past the appearance and get your going and growing. Please comment below and share your short story how the unmotivated have motivated you. I support and encourage you.πŸ’“

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Thank you and have a great week!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


A time will come as your business grows you will have to practice the law of discernment on people. What I mean by this is that you will have to determine whether they are "your people" or not. 

So I have come up with a list to break it all down for you. 

Your People

1.) They are loyal customers and clients who know that your products and services are of good quality and do not mind paying the price.

2.) Clients and customers who rave to others about your business and insist that their referrals go to you pronto.

3.) Your friends who say that they got you, really got you. If you have a setback, they are asking "what can I do?", "what do you need?". Struggle is not allowed in your world according to them.

Not Your People

1.) The price is too high regardless if the product or service is of good quality. These folks want to be "hooked up" despite the fact that the materials behind the product and service takes a great deal of money to create.

2.) Those friends who always seem to never have time to help you yet wants you to be on standby for them. Your business is of no importance to them. If you are struggling, "it sucks to be you".

3.) When success explodes for your business, those 'ghost friends' want to be the first to receive an invite to any party you give or are given. You become the "Bank of " if they need a loan and they tell everyone how they met you.

This list can go on and on so please comment below with your list. Remember the law of discernment as you climb the business ladder so you'll know and do better. I support and encourage you!πŸ’“

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Thank you and have a great week!

Friday, January 12, 2018


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Ok, so you are finding yourself looking at your computer screen because nothing is going on. No sales, no appointments, no leads, no paypal, no direct deposits, nada! You wonder if all the i's were dotted and the t's crossed. Your cell phone is checked for messages as well as social media for likes, comments and dm's. It is like no man's land in your small business world. Aggghhh!

Do not worry fellow entrepreneur because if you did all of the things you were suppose to do, everything will fall into place at the right time! Please do not shoot the messenger, I am just saying that there will be times when we are on a roll. The monies flow, the appointments are booked beyond recognition and the dm's make you think of the Gotti rap: "It goes down in the dm's" (for those rap affecionados). Even your social media comment section is bursting with hearts and kisses. Just know that your 'desert of no flow' is just temporary. Think of it as a positive...(ok Dorothy, what the hell are you talking about?). I am talking about this would be a great time to do other stuff. Like for instance:

*Cleaning your desk and drawers you had been saying you would do
*Call those buds of yours to set up lunch or coffee dates
*Laundry that has been piling up for two weeks (two weeks without socks or undies....NO!)
*Reconcile your personal checking account 
*Call your in-laws if any
*Meditate, yes it helps!
*Exercise (ok, walk around the block for 20 minutes!)
*Sit and do nothing...(Dorothy is insane, do nothing she says, the nerve of her...)
*and you can find many more things to do in this desert period...trust me😁

So the next time you find business slowing down, go to the above list or make up one of your own for back up. You will kick the blues in the butt in no time. Please comment how you would beat the small business blues. I support and encourage you!πŸ’“

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Thank you and have a great week!

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Congratulations! You have taken the steps that most people would find scary...that of becoming an entrepreneur. You are making sacrifices that seem crazy to some yet you know deep inside of you that it makes your heart sing taking risks. As you set up your business plan on paper and later in action, please realize that one of the things that denotes good character is how you value yourself. 

You see, as you build your business, it is not something outside of yourself because YOU are your business. Every idea, move, risk and more is from within you. This is to say that you must never compromise your value system at all, for no one. The key is to value yourself through the process and allow yourself to level up.

For instance, lets say that you charge a fair amount for a product or service and complaints come to you saying that the price is too high. It maybe high for them yet when you weighed all the factors in pricing, it came up as quite reasonable. You are tempted to lower it yet instinct says no! Bottom line is that some will pay and some won't, end of story. Think of it like this: would Hermes or Gucci lower their prices because some complain of their items being too high?Nope, because they feel that they give great value and this goes for you too. You may not be in these designers' category, yet the key word is value

Suggestion: each time you are feeling like you are about to compromise on your product or service, go within. Ask your self this question:

 Do I feel that I am not worthy or deserving of having success in my life?

A lot of times, it is more of programming you grew up with and you carry it with you in every area of your life. Meditation and prayer is good for tapping into those areas.

Value your business because it is YOU that touches every aspect of it. I appreciate your comments in the section below and I support and encourage you!πŸ’“

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Thank you and have a great week!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


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While most of us are running our businesses with great efficiency, there are those who do not seem to get it when it comes to being productive and successful. It takes great discipline, drive and other positive attributes to become a successful entrepreneur. What it does not take is snooping around and seeing what other business folks are doing and not doing. We are each given a talent to bring to the world table, so it is best to use it wisely...which means our own talent and not someone else's. 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and it must be utilized wisely. This means that we can not and will not make time for being distracted which could range from gossip to watching television on rote to posting on social media which will hurt your business or someone else's. It is commendable to visit others' pages, get positive quotes, information/classes to better our businesses or deciding to make a purchase as a means of supporting other small businesses. What we must remember is that distractions can happen and we must be vigilant as to how to nip them in the bud.

For me, every time some distraction comes my way, I remind myself of how valuable my time is and take action. I also limit the time spent watching television (and what I watch is important to me) and I even limit my time on social media. I am a list maker, so once tasks are done, I mark them off. 

Keep your businesses drama free and stay focused. By minding your own business, you will find yourself so ahead of the game. What do you do to nip distractions in the bud? How do you discipline yourself in your business? Please leave comments below and thank you. I support and encourage you.πŸ’“

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Thank you and have a great week!